The Abandoned

DateSept 18, 2020
Kuto, Abeokuta. NG
Value $
Client Personal Project
Category Documentary


What if I tell you the is real PAKO IJEBU we’ve all been yelling about right from our childhood. It is very known as the nō 1’ business of Ijebu people.

Pako Ijebu is the Origin business of Ijebu that has raised and brought Ijebu name to the limelight.

It was the best chewing stick as no 1 brush in Nigeria 🇳🇬 for centuries, not just a brush but a healing brush that cures certain oral hygiene like Pako Ijebu (Massularia Acuminate) and Orin Ayan (Distemonanthus benthamianus).

Research made it known the popular place the pako exists is ‘Imepe Ijebu’ and also exist in Ijebu ode.

The Ijebu ode Pako industry existed centuries which is the deport the farmers distribute and produces for wholesale.

PAKO IJEBU still exist till date, if you’re looking for original from the source, now you know to find it. ⠀