Vimeo Video

Date Nov 2, 2018
LocationAbeokuta, Nigeria.
Client Seye Adenle
Category Poetic Short Film


Your name rings aloud!

like the bell in cathedral.

You aren’t dark in complexion

I would have call you
the reincarnated “makeba”

Cos your voice douses tension
than the “mama of Africa”


Days have turned yesterdays, when I used to be at sea.

The Sunday I knew you,

my page start to be at ease.

You introduce your sobriquet
as “humility”

I scrutinized each of your alphabets

I saw multiplicity of grace.

Your path never seize to shine,
Just as your words always appears fine.

Deeply rooted on solid rock

You said,

Your grace can’t be fault nor destroyed.
For it’s divinely crafted.

Up there!
you armed your spirit,
To fight for conquest.

Gallantly, you blaize the trail
Above all other ladies,
Putting aside all delays.

You folds your trials like a carpet.

thrashed them into the bin of forgetfulness

You insist,your face will uphold uprightness

That it’s, the ingredient that moisturizes your beauty.

your soul made a chamber for faithfulness

I think of you
I see Joyce Meyer

I see moremi Ajasoro

I see a combination of spirituality and courage.

Your love is a dream I earnestly crave for
Baby girl!

Make it now not later,so i go not crazy.

take my hand ololufe!

be my kehinde…….