Date November  29, 2019
Location Ilaro, Ogun. NG
Client Personal
Category Documentary


The quality of fufu has been known to vary from one location to another. The processing technique may be responsible for this variation in quality. A study was carried out to investigate the different processing technologies adopted for the production of fufu
from cassava at different processing centres in Abeokuta and Ilaro, Ogun State.

Results showed that most fufu processing centres were owned by individuals. Most of the unit operations were carried out manually usually by women with low education levels. Plastic drums and concrete pots were commonly used for soaking cassava for 3-5 days. Cassava mash is sun-dried for an average of 2.79±1.1 days and packaged into nylon or jute bags. Cassava peel and chaff are often reused while the wastewater is either drained into pits or left unattended.

Delay in processing cassava tubers, increase in the length of soaking, ineffective dewatering method, unhygienic source of water for fufu processing, etc. were some of the factors observed to affect the physical quality of fufu.