African SUYA By Northern Nigeria

Date August 19, 2019
Location Abeokuta, Ogun.NG
Client Iwe Iroyin Suya
Category Documentary


40years Northerners in the making of SUYA meat in the western part of Nigeria. Their grandfather actually start the business in the same spot and it became a generation business.

Meet the Latest CEO of Iwe Iroyin SUYA industry. He tells how this industry was founded and how they operate to date.

This Suya industry was (Established since, 1979) “40years” till date In Oke-Ilewo Abeokuta, Ogun state, Ng.

Their years in the making, consistency, clean production environment, customer relation, delicious, and doesn’t add fat make them the best in the state.

The CEO made it known that this industry started selling at the rate of 1NGN. But the price upgrade as the country’s economy changes till it became 2,000NGN.

The images show the process of how they prepare the SUYA meat in their habitat with a clean environment and why people keep buying from them.