The Thin-Can

DateFeb 24, 2022
Olokuta, Abeokuta. NG
Value $
Client Personal Project
Category Documentary


A Tale of a grass cutter in the house of a photographer

In the year 2016, a boy graduated from school and tell his Dad before his final examination, says “Dad, your boy is going to be a man” in this case, he will no longer be in his father’s house that he has chosen his path, and the dad replied

“fair enough, it has been slammed upon thy living”.

The boy proceeds and rents his own apartment in an estate in the same town he finishes his tertiary education. He live there for a few years and moved on to another residence due to a lack of electricity ⚡️.

He got to this new apartment in March 2020. Immediately the Covid-19 lockdown started in Nigeria.
Getting there was another story and adventure on its own and knowing that he will be the only one living in the owe compound with a virgin/abandoned land adjacent and left side to the fence.

He brace himself and said no looking back, probably this is the part of being a man. Surprisingly a friend came to visit him the third day he arrived at the apartment.

Not up to (2weeks) a snake 🐍 enter his apartment at exactly 10 pm and ply his friend Seye’s legs, seye feels like “hello something cold just plies my legs now, maybe it’s wall gecko 🦎 “.

He quickly calculates that it can’t be, probably it can be a snake.

But at this moment, the boy Persuaded Seye his friend to stand up so he won’t panic if he tells him is a snake and two things might happen, either he lost the snake or the snake bit Seye.

The boy bend over and found out exactly it was a snake. He told Seye to close the other door that link to the bedroom, Seye was a little bit nervous and curious about what his friend saw. He just instructs again “Seye close the door, I want to pick something outside” that something was a strong stick to kill the snake.

When he entered, then he said Seye, it was a snake not a wall gecko, Seye quickly runs behind his friend and the friend patiently kill the snake.

Thus, this was not the end of these dangerous animals. The boy continues to see more reptiles family alligator including cats and grass cutters. These animals don’t live in the compound but come every day and night due to their convenient time, sometimes snake or alligator in the afternoon, cat in the night crying like a newborn baby, and grass cutter on the rooftop fighting running around in the midnight like buglers.

These grass cutter runnings continue almost every day and were so embarrassing, that sometimes they cry, shout, and hit the rooftop to the extent that a neighbour’s dog outside the fence barked at their noise at the midnight.

As of December 2021. A boy is already a man, he flew out of the country for just 3weeks for an assignment as a photographer. Before he came back the grass cutter has take-over the house.

This photographer arrives at his apartment in January 2022. Around 7 pm, he proceed to the door and spotted a big hole at door, it was terrifying and surprised that is the door eating from outside or inside. He was able to identify that the grass cutter broke the ceiling and fell from the roof. The photographer got his little detail and left the house for that day because he’s not sure maybe a snake has entered through the door hole the grass cutter created.

On the second day, it was glaring to the photographer how the grass cutter operates throughout before they create an escape root for themselves. They broke his water plant vase and eat the plant, scattered the bedroom, mount all the windows with their footprints, eat the TV power cable, eat the internet cable, and m*ss the living room with their poo.

It cost a complete owe day to rearrange, clean, and fix all the cables to get the appliances working again and even costs extra. But as a photographer, he documented the events that took place and also share them with the landlord.

On the third day this photographer put a call through to his father (A blacksmith), he explained what has happened and the situation of things. He has been once a father’s boy, he reminded his father of a trap-cage for capturing animals alive that his father make when they just moved to their new site at Sango Ota, the father yes is still available. The photographer said No, make a new mini one for me.

Father said, give me a few weeks then you have it. The trap arrived as promised. As a Boy that has been to the game before he left his father’s house, he doesn’t require training, instruction, or PDF to set the trap. This photographer knew all animals will always come to the bin for what to eat., he brilliantly set the trap about 2ft close to the bin and use a FRIED FISH head as bait to catch any animal that come that night.

Luckily a wildcat took the BAIT around midnight being a nightcrawler, she finish the FISH HEAD and fought for how to get out of the trap. She never cried to know how cruel she is, fighting the photographer spare with her teeth and claws very hard.

The photographer killed the wildcat and make a stew of wildcat 🤔. On the third day to the death of the wildcat, he proceeded with another bait of FRIED PLANTAIN covered with stew on the hook, and there come the game player “Grasscutter” took the bait again exactly 11 pm sharp with the sound “Paawnnnn”; I LOVE THIS SOUND.

The photographer speaks, where he knows another judgment has been served and he made another stew of grasscutter 😋.

On the third day when the stew of the first grass cutter is about to finish, he set another trap but no FISH HEAD or PLANTAIN as bait, he only has the meat of the first grass cutter left but he knew if another grass cutter smells the meat of their fellow he might not take the bait.

So this time around he use BREAD AS BAIT and ANOTHER GRASS CUTTER TOOK THE BAIT AGAIN at exactly 9:30 pm with the same sound “pawnnnn”. Immediately the photographer knew the second grasscutter was THE ONE THAT BUGLES the apartment and eats the door for an escape route. This time around the photographer could not forgive the grass cutter by making a stew, he fried it only and take it with dry Garri (cassava flakes).

He said If he heard a sound now on his rooftop its probably a wall gecko or lizard, smiles 🤣🤣😂

CAPTURED FOR RAPTURE continues as the photographer heard another mysterious sound from the rooftop……


Yes! Again.