War Child

Date Premiered Jan 7, 2020
LocationAbeokuta, Nigeria.
ClientSeye Adenle
Category Poetic Short Film 

Written:Seye Adenle

she sees it in blue black

The sight was all in oil colour

Her focus dangling like pendulum

She cries out and aloud

Where is my home

Who took my solace

Will i see and touch peace again

This piece rests in the shoulder

Of a thread in many storms

Who keeps seeing reflections from afar

Call her the war child

Deception continued to fly

It’s hell,i lost al-junnah

Bid me pains to make it

Not mine to care for the lads

Only a path to their way here

Now it pains deeply

Adamu now an ally of triggers

A failed parent i become

I hope it’s never too late

For my boys to retrace

And found their stolen yesterdays

Who will sleep with two eyes closed?

Not even the kings nor nobles or elites

One gbosa has sent many afar

More keeps inventing chaotic scenes

In our own circles of multi humans

Tell me

Who buys cattles

Whose father refuse to make remittances?

That even them may not answer

Black minds keep questing for reasoning

See them, champions of hypocrisy

They bathes in gold to your detriment

Yet you crown them

And make them heroes

In ignorance you eat your fortune’s skin

It bleeds my heart terribly

Coming back from zion

To see my abode in dissaray

My sisters made to pant heavily

Beneath hard muscles

Brothers chopped off

So,long i dwell on this

Not too long

I saw them

The two lions

Two lions came into my dormitory

When i enquired of their identity

They claimed to be the lion in society

Oh lions of jungle justice

What offence committed me?

They said your fathers are beast

Dogs and goats

I said no!,never do i have a father

Who is neither a dog nor house pet

Twice they laughed

And they show me pictures

Of my brothers and sisters

In borno, yobe, uganda and kenya

They said your so called families

Have defiled the laws of our lords

Shikanla, thus deserves condemnation

I wept, looking at the blades

Each one of them wielded

Has a reflection that its glittering

Surpasses my granny’s looking glass

I couldn’t stand it

I screamed, Yepa!

Iook besides me

Guess what i saw?

It was my pen on a paper

So all was a vision revealed in a dream

Of the plights of victims of war

On the Africa soil

And the need for me, you and us

To make love our religion

And humanity our race

For this land of ours

To be a better place….. ..