Trado-Medical NFTs



This photography collection was taken in Rwanda in 2021 when I started exploring international countries with the aim of documenting history, colours, culture, people and their environment. In the process is where I stumble upon this Rwandan traditional medicine explainer, probably he might be a native doctor at The Gorilla Village, Mozanze. With his level of experience and demonstration, he explains extensively with joy on his face how the natural plants work and were used even before their genocide in 1994.

With the physical arrangements of his habitat, he clearly shows an example of how an ancient Tradomedical home was and how they dressed with animal skin and beads. In the ancient days in Africa generally, there is only one doctor which is a Native / Traditional Doctor who takes care of general health issues including spiritual ones. Nowadays we now have doctors with different niches that tackle specific and related health issues to their niche.

The word Trado-Medical is generated from TRADITIONAL MEDICINE. The values of Africa lie in the rich culture and nature in it. This collection will continue to thrive in this space to support Africa generally and my exploration.

Tradomedical medicines are stronger than any orthodox medicines because all tablets produced as orthodox medicines are just to help temporarily but not cure totally while herbs and leaves are cured immediately and wipe diseases and ailments away.

By bidding and buying these NFTs know that you’re supporting nature, health, and culture in a diverse way. Know this when you finally have these pieces with you; Not just because you want to have NFTs to make profits is of the love of nature, health, culture and humanity.









Fair Price

Potential buyers will have to bid for these piece to have it in their hands, depends on the current rate of ETHERIUM. pricing might be fair or go the other way round.


This project is originally created by me Tope Asokere and i Reserved the right till it will be SOLD OUT to an art collector or a person that support this project.

How can I get these art pieces from the Tradomedical collection?

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